Nothing will stand in our way. I will finish what you started. — Kyle Ren in STAR WARS 7 “The Force Awakens”

  1. Sunday, October 25:  I shall run Marine Corps Marathon, Arlington VA
  2. Sunday, November 1: I shall run New York City Marathon, New York NY
  3. Saturday, November 7:  I shall direct Veterans Day 5K – see
  4. Sunday, November 8: I shall run Veterans Day 10K, Washington DC
  5. Saturday, November 14: I shall direct 12 1/4th Potomac River Run Half Marathon – see
  6. Sunday, November 15:  I shall direct 12 1/2th Potomac River Run Marathon & Half – see
  7. Sunday, November 22:  I shall Run Philadelphia Marathon, sponsored by Carb Boom! by Boom Nutrition
  8. Thursday, November 27: I shall run Arlington Turkey Trot 5K
  9. Saturday, November 29: I shall run Northern Central Rail Trail Marathon
  1. I am 65.
  2. I was born for one thing.  — Finn in “The Force Awakens”
  3. I’ve spent a lifetime running, and I always get away. — Sam Smith in “Writing’s On The Wall,” the song from Spectre
  4. The Force.  It’s calling to you.  Just let it in.

Are there any questions?

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My Theory of Everything, in rhymed verse (it could be worse)

With this post, I begin a treatise on cosmology, based on nothing I know.
Last week, I saw “The Theory of Everything,” & now ideas flow.

In the Beginning, God created the heaven and the earth.
That was the moment of the Universe’s birth.

A single particle, super-super-massive and spinning unimaginably fast
attracted all nearby other particles, from the first to the last.

Perpendicular to its angle of rotation grew a vast accretion disk
as the singular huge particle swept its orbit like a whisk

Time did not exist in this primordial situation
until the central object lost sufficient mass due to ‪#‎Hawking‬ Radiation

The vacuum of space grew, pulling the accretion disk and its vast centrifugal force
When the singularity lost gravity, it tired like a horse

Suddenly, with a great Big Bang, the accretion disk burst loose,
spinning matter and energy and light into the void, slipping from its noose

The matter pulled from the accretion disk itself kept on spinning
into the void of space, where the vacuum was winning

From there, the vast arms of the Universal spiral broke free,
spawning galaxies, first one, then two, then three

Then thousands, each spinning around a core,
and the Universe as we know it grew more and more and more

Time began as we know it at each separate location
relative to its distance from the center of Creation

Some galaxies are older, out at the periphery of space
while others are still birthing at the core, still a huge and central place

The hiss of space, detected as microwave background
is the sound of the expanding Universe, if space could carry sound

Older spiral arms of older galaxies cooled enough for matter to coalesce
into hot stars, cooler planets and their moons – that’s my guess

Now I have another observation
to explain the mystery of creation

Galaxies, suns, planets, even subatomic particles – Everything spins —
centrifugal force and the vacuum of space fight gravity and the weak force, but gravity always wins

Because of conservation of angular momentum, all the spins are proportional
The universe is coplanar, not vertical or contortional

Prove it? I can’t do that, because I can’t see from the top
but with centrifugal force, vacuum energy, and capillary action, the expanding will never stop

The evaporation of the central particles due to Hawking radiation
reduces their gravity — THAT’S THE EXPLANATION!

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Yesterday’s races

I have big running news.  I slowed way down this year after my hamstring tear in March, and I’ve been climbing back slowly.
My times last year averaged around 22:30, but in August, when I started running again after a four-month layoff, I ran 29-minute 5Ks.
Everything is fun, and I’m not complaining, it’s just a reality.  I know I’ll be back, and the sun shines brightly over the horizon.
I ran two 5K races today.  My 8:00 AM McLean 5K included some serious downhills, where I slowed to a walk, and my time was a typical 29:30, 3rd M 65-69 in a race that had awards only for the top 2 in each age group.  C’est la vie.
At my 6:00 PM 5K, hosted by Congressional Cemetery and called “Dead Man’s Run,” I finally had a glimpse of the future.
After the downhill first mile on rough cobblestones, the final two miles were just perfect — a flat paved trail alongside Anacostia River and a final uphill to the finish.  Time: 27:23.  Place: 1st male over 60, in a race with awards just for 1st in age group.
I look in the mirror, and I see dead people!
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Tomorrow’s races

I shall compete tomorrow at Congressional Cemetery Dead Man’s Run 5K, where nobody over 60 has ever finished ahead of me.  Wish me luck!

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